Tori Kelly’s Health Battle: A Heartfelt Journey of Resilience and Hope


On Sunday evening, after being taken to the hospital, singer Tori Kelly’s condition is reported to be “really serious.”

According to TMZ, the 30-year-old star was in Los Angeles with her friends when she suddenly revealed that her heart rate had increased.

Sources told the outlet that she passed away a short while later and “stepped out for a moment.”

Currently, the singer is undergoing treatment for blood clots at Cedars-Sinai Hospital, which doctors have found around several vital organs.

One source informed the outlet that the situation is still “truly serious.”

This alarming situation comes just a few days after the singer’s husband, AndrĂ© Murillo, posted several pictures on his Instagram with the caption “family tradition.”

Tori Kelly has expressed that she feels a “hunger for new artists” once again, along with a sense of nostalgia for her Y2K-inspired single ‘Missing You.’

Kelly’s representatives have not responded immediately to requests for comments.

Recently, she released her first new solo single in almost three years, “Missin You.”

The singer-songwriter engaged in conversations with people in March to discuss the song and interact with fans who were hoping to see her on tour.

“I have so many fond memories of touring. I was actually on a world tour, right around the time when COVID was happening, and cancelling it was heart breaking. Ever since that time, she uttered, “I’ve been deprived of the chance to embark on tours.”


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